Link# episode 1

  • SQL injection & Assembly Hijacking…

    a really interesting video

  • Ten Commandments of Egoless Programming

    The basic idea behind Weinberg’s philosophy was that a system of formal peer reviews effectively multiplied the number of eyes looking for logic problems, poor algorithm choices, or even syntax. These extra eyes could catch nascent bugs much earlier in the development cycle than traditional testing could, resulting in shorter project completion times and lower defect counts in live systems. For developers to accept this system, of course, they had to set their egos aside.

  • MS Dynamics CRM: “Execute” API in a Service Oriented world

    So I thought I spend a little bit of time writing about why we designed the APIs the way they are designed in V3.0.

  • MS Dynamics CRM: Context-Sensitive Reporting

    We built this feature after our usability studies showed that business users consistently want to run report within the context of their every day work environment, rather than navigating to a separate reporting area and setting the report filter criteria so that the report runs on the right set of records. Many customers and partners have asked us how to create reports that are context-sensitive.


~ by Matteo on May 13, 2006.

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