Firefox: now Portable and Synchronized, never more without it.

OK guys, we got it! Now we have a browser that always come with us, and with all our bookmarks, history, saved password, etc.
You only have to mix up two of the coolest stuffs the Internet is offering these days: Portable Firefox (by Portable Apps) and Google Browser Sync.

Portable Firefox is a great version of the popular browser that you can use without installation: you simply have to put it in a folder and it runs. A typical use is on a usb pen. Every where you can carry your pen you can use you Firefox.

Google Browser Sync is an extension I desired so much that I was about to develop it by my self. Fortunately the guys from Google (thank you so much for being) came first and now we all have it (obviously for free…). This extension use your Google account to store many of the settings of your browser: bookmarks, history, cookies, last opened tabs and even your stored password if you want. When you run it the first time, it connects to Google, downloads the settings and apply changes if any. Then periodically, or when you close the browser, store your configuration in your Google account.
This is simply great. Not only because my two PCs, at work and at home, (and now my Portable version too…) share my bookmarks and all the other settings. But also because when I rebuilt my machine (I do it often on the notebook I use for work) I got my Firefox set up in seconds.

Does anyone is still using IE? ;-)

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~ by Matteo on July 25, 2006.

One Response to “Firefox: now Portable and Synchronized, never more without it.”

  1. worth to try those two soon :)

    Other have similar like this. Worth to try it too

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