Yet another Office suite. But this is Google branded.

Another battle from the Microsoft Vs. Google war is taking place: seems this week Google will announce his Google Apps for Your Domain. As always it will be free, web based and ad-supported and will initially combine GMail, Calendar and IM with site creation software. Plus management tools for IT professionals!!

Later (but this year) Writely and Spreadsheets will be added to the suite. And about integration:

Google’s plans include prompting people who send Microsoft Office documents using Gmail to translate those files into Google’s formats for editing on, presumably in a forum where ad space is up for sale. Gmail messages that include attached files currently prompt users with links to download the documents or view them on the Web. Glotzbach envisions a third link to edit the documents online and generate E-mail to other users in a group when the edits are done. Writely can read files created by Microsoft Word, and Google Spreadsheets can read and create Excel files and formulas, though it’s unable to handle more complex Excel functions such as macros.

Source: InformationWeek.

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~ by Matteo on August 30, 2006.

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