Hey bloggers! Yet another one cool stuff by Google

I recently discovered (thanks Mauro!) Google Page Creator, and, as it has been released more the six months ago, I’m surprised not to have heard about it before.

Is a simple web-based tool for quickly designing and publishing web pages. The service (accessible via a Gmail account) is, as always, free and comes with 100 Mb of space. If your free-hosted blog only allow to upload images (as mine…) this can be a nice and sure solution to attach files to your post.

I decided to try, I set up my Sharp Reflections Repository and published the first download available from my WordPress blog: is a mkz package for Google Earth (OK, I must admit: I’m a little Google addicted) with places I will visit during my next trip. I will spend october in south-east Asia, but this story is for another post. You can download it here.

The last thing: if some Windows Live Writer lover is reading, what about a Plugin to make Google Page Creator a blogging platform?

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~ by Matteo on September 7, 2006.

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