Step aside, I’m certified.

It’s time to stop with those boring acronyms that made your email signature longer that your messages. Have you ever received an email like this:?

Ok, I will be there tomorrow.

John Doe

and other tens of fucking chars meaning nothing, absolutly nothing. If you can’t renounce to exhibit your titles I recommend, instead, a much powerful way:


Link: The Daily WTF Gear, and, if you decide to buy one of those shirts, may be you will be interested in this amazing trick to fold them: Fold your shirt.

Note: I’m certifed too and I believe that certications can be valuable. But for you and for what you do, not for people knowing you are certifed. Every one who took some exams knows how easily you can pass them. I really don’t care about an acronym on the bottom of an email or in the sidebar of blog. The on-the-job verification is the only one that cares.

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~ by Matteo on September 12, 2006.

One Response to “Step aside, I’m certified.”

  1. I quote it!!

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