Vientiane, once again


On Monday we had another hardcore bus trip: 9 hours (with a unique 10 minutes break) for 457 km…

Anyway, we are in the capital (the second time for me) and we are enjoin it. Even if it’s now so strange seeing so many western people. Yesterday we spent the morning in a market doing some shopping. I bought two shirts for 7$ and other two for 6$, shorts for 5$. With other few dollars I was able to buy some presents for my family. It’s so funny to bargain with Lao merchants and how do they laugh earing me speaking some Lao words! Nicola had troubles with wearing sizes, I couldn’t see an asian guy with comparable dimensions yet…

The city appear to be quiet, so different from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh in which people are continuously playing their f…..g klaxons (and you how many cars and bikes are always runnings on the roads in asian cities…). French influence can be noticed everywhere (much more than in Savannakhet), from writings to art and monuments and, of course, there are a lot of French restaurants.

Tomorrow we move (guess by which mean…). I hope to be in Vang Vieng in the afternoon.


~ by Matteo on October 11, 2006.

2 Responses to “Vientiane, once again”

  1. Gnaghi dimagrisci!!!!!!!!!
    se no le t-shirt che compri ti tocca
    regalarle a Giampaolino!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Foto sempre + spettacolari…grande Lupen

  2. ascolta…obesotto…sono sempre in tempo a fare un sorso di acqua del mekong….tu invece puoii fare un sorso del lambro….chi e messo peggio?ora ti saluto…vado a farmi un giretto sul fiume…non ti perdi niente!giuro!maaaaa giuro!buon lavoro…

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