Lao energy

Luang Prabang.

There’s a particular kind of energy in all the country, I feel it as a mix of optimism, pride and confidence in what they will be able to do (Lao is in development, so a lot of transformations are taking place). Even if in many parts of the country houses don’t have electricity and water, even if many roads need to be built and many other to be repaired (yesterday the trip from Vang Vieng – 170 km – took us 7 hours), even if they are conscious of how far is their life style to the western people one, even – at the end – if the entire country has many troubles and the road to the economic development is long and uncertain.

But the contrast between the country’s conditions and the people’s mood is really impressive. All the country is smiling all the time. Young folks are the great majority and children…, oh children are simply everywhere. Every person you talk to is so kind (and often with such a low voice tone) that sometimes you feel embarassed. I can’t say why (is not a sort of Nationalism), but I have the sensation they feel like players of the same enormous team that is slowly, but continuously, getting better.


~ by Matteo on October 17, 2006.

2 Responses to “Lao energy”

  1. …le foto sono una meraviglia e la descrizione del paese e della gente mi lascia senza parole…
    un bacio grande gnaghi!

  2. Sulle foto ormai nn ho
    + parole..Lupen 6 un artista…
    Saluti a Gnaghi!!!!

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