How I got Started in Software Development

I had the great pleasure of having been tagged by Adrian. So… it’s my turn:

How old were you when you started programming?

In 1994, when I was 16 and I was at the high school. But I must say also that at the age of about 10 year a “played”  with BASIC on a Laser 500, something similar to a Commodre 64.

How did you get started in programming?

… in those days I learned Turbo Pascal, and I used it to solve not too complex math and physics problems.

What was your first language?

As I said, the very first language was Pascal. But, as a professional, I consider my first language to be Visual Basic 6. It is for sure the language that made me falling in love with programming.

What was the first real program you wrote?

At the end of a one year programming training I build a RSE – really simple ERP ;-) – for demo purposes. A WinForm application over an MS Access database. Presentation Layer e Business Logic were mixed up in the Visual Basic 6 forms, but I think here I wrote my first Data Layer.

What languages have you used since you started programming?

In order Basic, Turno Pascal, C++, Visual Basic 6, Java, PHP, ASP, JavaScript, VB Script, C#, Visual Basic .Net, Python.

What was your first professional programming gig?

In Brain Force, the company I’m still working for. 6 years ago.

If you knew then what you know now, would you have started programming?

I love programming: it consume a lot of resources but gives back a lot of satisfaction. But I would have choosen something else.

If there is one thing you learned along the way that you would tell new developers, what would it be?

Start from the theory and with the doc. Ever. Ever!! And pay attention to who wrote what you read.

What’s the most fun you’ve ever had … programming?

An ORM. I’m really proud of it.

Now, let’s tag someone else…


~ by Matteo on July 30, 2008.

One Response to “How I got Started in Software Development”

  1. It is amazing that after almost 30 years Turbo Pascal is still alive!

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